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This page tracks my progress as I learn more about Computer Science and Finance.

This page takes no small inspiration from Teach Yourself CS.

I keep notes and solutions for my self-study here

Computer Science

Book Status Exercises Completed Date Finished Notes
LearnYouAHaskell COMPLETED Yes 15 Feb 2017
Computer Science from the Bottom Up COMPLETED Yes 6 July 2018 Notes
The Design of the UNIX Operating System Notes
Nand2Tetris Notes
Algorithm Design Manual
Mathematics for CS
How to Solve It
Operating Systems, 3 easy pieces
Computer Networking, Top Down Approach
Dragon Book
Distributed Systems

note1: I added Computer Science from the Bottum Up as it is a nice hands-on tutorial writing low-level C programs on Linux.


Resource Date Finished Exercise
How Money Moves around the Banking System 03/09/2018 n/a
The Securities Settlement System Works 18/10/2018

Web Development

This is a collection of resources I have used to learn web development.

Resource Date Finished Exercise
Nodeschool - learnyounode 03/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - bytewiser 04/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - promise-it-wont-hurt 04/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - bug-clinic 05/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - es6 05/09/2018 yes
How HTTP Cookies Work simple and useful 06/09/2018
Get Styling with CSS3 there are many CSS tutorials out there. I don't know if this is the best one, but I found it useful 31/08/2018
Reactjs Tic-Tac-Toe tutorial and Main Concepts 30/08/2018
Learn D3 Video Tutorial 17/09/2018
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial 17/10/2018 yes

Of special note here is the Modern JavaScript Tutorial. It truly is the single best resource for front-end development that I have found. There are many books on JavaScript and others on CSS/HTML/Web APIs. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is the only resource I have found that thoroughly covers both JavaScript the language and how to use it in the modern browser context to manipulate HTML5+CSS3. I started Eloquent JavaScript and worked up to chapter 16 but dropped it to work through the Modern JavaScript Tutorial. Eloquent JavaScript is an excellent book but it lacks a lot of coverage in how to interact with the browser environment.

Fun projects/reading

Project Status Exercises Completed Date Finished
BuildYourOwnTextEditor Started No

Worthy of adding to list as a supplement or Replacement

Book Status Exercises Completed Date Finished
Operating Systems from 0 to 1
Ops Class

Blog posts I found useful


When and wherever possible I will do all work in Emacs.


fun tutorials to do should I ever get around to them