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This page tracks my progress as I learn more about Computer Science and Finance.

This page takes no small inspiration from Teach Yourself CS.

I keep notes and solutions for my self-study here

Computer Science

Book/Course Status Exercises Completed Date Finished Notes
LearnYouAHaskell COMPLETED Yes 15 Feb 2017
Computer Science from the Bottom Up COMPLETED Yes 6 July 2018 Notes
Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science - Coursera certificate COMPLETED Yes 7 Nov 2018
Combinatorics and Probability - Coursera certificate COMPLETED Yes 27 Nov 2018
Introduction to Graph Theory - Coursera certificate COMPLETED Yes 4 Dec 2018
Number Theory and Cryptography - Coursera certificate COMPLETED Yes 14 Dec 2018
Delivery Problem - Algorithms
Operating Systems, 3 easy pieces
The Design of the UNIX Operating System Notes
Nand2Tetris Notes
Algorithm Design Manual
Mathematics for CS
How to Solve It
Computer Networking, Top Down Approach
Dragon Book
Distributed Systems

note1: I added Computer Science from the Bottum Up as it is a nice hands-on tutorial writing low-level C programs on Linux.


Resource Date Finished Exercise
How Money Moves around the Banking System 03/09/2018 n/a
The Securities Settlement System Works 18/10/2018

Web Development

This is a collection of resources I have used to learn web development.

Resource Date Finished Exercise
Nodeschool - learnyounode 03/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - bytewiser 04/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - promise-it-wont-hurt 04/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - bug-clinic 05/09/2018 yes
Nodeschool - es6 05/09/2018 yes
How HTTP Cookies Work simple and useful 06/09/2018
Get Styling with CSS3 there are many CSS tutorials out there. I don't know if this is the best one, but I found it useful 31/08/2018
Reactjs Tic-Tac-Toe tutorial and Main Concepts 30/08/2018
Learn D3 Video Tutorial 17/09/2018
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial 17/10/2018 yes

Of special note here is the Modern JavaScript Tutorial. It truly is the single best resource for front-end development that I have found. There are many books on JavaScript and others on CSS/HTML/Web APIs. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is the only resource I have found that thoroughly covers both JavaScript the language and how to use it in the modern browser context to manipulate HTML5+CSS3. I started Eloquent JavaScript and worked up to chapter 16 but dropped it to work through the Modern JavaScript Tutorial. Eloquent JavaScript is an excellent book but it lacks a lot of coverage in how to interact with the browser environment.

Fun projects/reading

Project Status Exercises Completed Date Finished
BuildYourOwnTextEditor Started No

Worthy of adding to list as a supplement or Replacement

Book Status Exercises Completed Date Finished
Operating Systems from 0 to 1
Ops Class

Blog posts I found useful


When and wherever possible I will do all work in Emacs.


fun tutorials to do should I ever get around to them