Hi! My name is Bryan Willson Berry and I have a lot of opinions and even more questions. This website is my platform to share those opinions and to provoke questions from you, the reader.

I am a professional software engineer currently living in Bangkok, Thailand with my wife and two children. I am American by birth but by a series of accidents have lived the last 17 years in Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Rome, and now Bangkok.

I grew up in lovely Whittier, CA but left at age 18 to explore the world. I sometimes think that leaving was a mistake. Whittier is a beautiful and special place.

I am fascinated by the nexus of finance and technology, particularly the potentially disruptive impact of blockchain technology on our global financial system.

If you like, you can follow me on Twitter, connect to me on LinkedIn, browse my Github profile, or even e-mail me.

Things I like

Books and lectures

I consume a lot of books, primarily in audio format. I primarily listen to non-fiction.



  • The History of Money - the best single book on the topic
  • The Ascent of Finance
  • A Man for All Markets - Amazing and inspiring life story of mathematician and hedge fund manager Edward O. Thorp who coincidentally grew up near my hometown.
  • The Bitcoin Standard - I enjoyed it so much I wrote a review of it. It has some very annoying flaws, but is absolutely worth your time.



About this site

This site is developed with GatsbyJS and TypeScript. All code and text are written using The One True Program, Emacs.